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The Preschool day begins at 9:00am. Classes actively participate in circle time activities to include calendar discussions, weather observations, stories that relate to the theme of the week or the letter of the week, show and tell and group language activities. The Preschool curriculum revolves around themes of the month that the children are most likely experiencing outside of school to widen their perspective of their world. Each child is treated as an individual and given the time to master the skills at their own rate. With small class sizes of ten students per class we can tailor the learning to each student's strengths.

The Three Year Old Program

The 3 year old preschool program engages children in large and small group activities, as well as individual activities that help them understand age appropriate concepts. Fine motor control is fostered through art activities and manipulation of objects. Children choose for themselves activities that interest them and promote positive social skills with the guidance of their teacher. Each day, you will receive a daily report informing you of your child's day.

The Four Year Old Program

The 4 year old preschool program begins in a homeroom class. Each child is assigned a homeroom teacher who takes care of daily needs (snacks, lunch, napping) as well as special concerns of the parent for their child. Each homeroom teacher teaches one subject area. The children visit each teacher on a daily basis for a thirty minute lesson. These subject areas include pre-reading and math skills, science and social studies, art and technology and a class dedicated to character education. The children are exposed to various cognitive skills as they develop a foundation for academic success which promotes a positive love of learning. Each day, you will receive a daily report informing you of your child's day.

Specialty Classes

  • Health is offered to the four year olds once a week.
  • Appletree students receive instruction in Physical Education (twice a week for 3 year olds and three times a week for 4 year olds) which fosters large muscle development in planned group and individual activities.
  • Music is a special part of the preschooler's day at Appletree! Twice a week children are singing, dancing and laughing while learning traditional childhood songs and incorporating some of the new but soon to become beloved childhood songs of today.
  • Spanish is taught twice a week through songs and activities which build on classroom concepts being taught.
  • Technology is integrated into curriculum in our Four’s Program through the daily rotation; the children receive instruction on our Apple computers in our computer lab or on ipads within the classroom from the Math and Technology teacher.  The focus is to learn basic computer functions as well as through the integration of all other curricular areas and reinforcing concepts that are being learned throughout our Four Year Old Program.  In our Three’s Program our Computer Teacher works with the three year old children within their classroom using applications through the ipads to integrate concepts that are being taught in their classroom. 

Scheduling Options

The 3 and 4 year programs are 5 day programs. Listed below are our offerings:

  • 7:00am-6:00pm (extended hours)
  • 9:00am-3:00pm (academic hours)

Please see our Tuition Page for the current rates.

While we teach, we learn.


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