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The Appletree School is proud of the many facets of our programs. From the core subjects, reading, language, math, history and science-to the specialties of art, computer, music, physical education and Spanish, your child will have an interactive day full of learning and fun.

To help our families stay in sync with the Fairfax County public school system, children should turn 5 years old by September 30th if they are entering the Kindergarten program. The Kindergartners school day runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm . If additional hours are needed, we offer an extended day option which allows your child to attend from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

The School year begins on the Tuesday before Labor Day. Please view the calendar to see this year's days of operation.

Standardized Testing

During the month of April, all Appletree students participate in the IOWA Test of Basic Skills. This helps you to evaluate your child's progress compared to a national sampling of children of the same age.


Kindergartners uses the A Beka curriculum as the foundation of studies. This curriculum provides a solid academic foundation and is typically a year ahead of public school programs. Our teachers augment this curriculum with additional supporting materials. This creates a lively and well rounded class which helps your child understand the concepts taught. All classes begin their day of learning with the core subjects of reading, language and math. Children will learn lessons in social studies and science in the afternoon portion of their day as well. Outdoor activity is also important, so you may find them taking a break on the playground or sitting under the trees eating a morning snack.

Specialty Classes

Appletree believes in developing the whole child, therefore,students receive instruction in Specialty classes throughout the week.

  • The Physical Education class focuses on individual skills and incorporates them into team sports as they progress in ability levels. Sportsmanship and cooperation are fundamental to the program. Each grade level receives instruction in P.E. three times a week. Appletree is committed to helping each child realize fitness is a daily activity for a healthy body and mind.

  • Art instruction focuses on creative expression but also teaches techniques to build confidence. The weekly class will experience varied mediums as they study the Artist of the Month. At the conclusion of the year we host an "Art Extravaganza" where every child has many of their masterpieces displayed for all to admire!

  • Music meets twice a week. Songs are sung and instruments are played. It can be quite a commotion of sound as happy students are demonstrating their abilities! As children approach the 2nd Grade, theory is introduced. Melody Flutes are taught beginning in the 1st Grade as part of the curriculum. An evening of song and dance awaits parents at the end of the year when the children host the annual Appletree Show!

  • Computer is one of the most eagerly awaited weekly classes! The students receive thirty minutes of instruction in small grade level groups. Classroom concepts are reinforced through computer programs that help to introduce new computer skills. Keyboarding is introduced in Kindergarten and Power Point slide shows in 1st and 2nd Grades. We now have a floating ipad laboratory that teachers can also check out and use in their classrooms.  There are substantial amounts of appropriate applications that offer wonderful activities and games that reinforce the skills that they are learning in their reading, writing and math coursework.
  • Spanish is taught using the Power Glide Spanish Course curriculum. Through conversations and repeated drills the students learn correct vocabulary pronunciation and basic principles of grammar. Learning about the Hispanic culture is an important part of the class as well.

After Appletree

Appletree students have successful experiences at many other schools after they graduate. One option is our sister school, Merritt Academy, located approximately 5 minutes away. Merritt Academy continues many of the programs and philosophies of Appletree through the 6th Grade. Appletree students are offered immediate acceptance at Merritt Academy.

There are many other private schools in the area with various learning styles which Appletree students have successfully transitioned into and thrived.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi

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