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"I also loved the pictures of 2nd graders working with her class on their Book Club - a great idea. My daughter is really enjoying the book club and is getting so much out of it in terms of personal character development. This past book choice was especially good for a discussion on bullying and how failing to speak out against bullying can be just as hurtful as actively participating in bullying.
– Mrs. Gombis, a mother of a three year old and a second grader
“My husband and I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all the time and dedication you give to the children. The highlight of our day is picking up my son and listening to him recite his day’s adventures. He has been so happy and has learned so much this year. Each of the teachers has been so creative in their teaching methodologies. We have been quite amazed with regard to all of his projects from his polar bear story board/diorama to his counting ghost wheel to his homemade pickles!”
- Mother of an Appletree student of 5 years
“I love how everone has found creative fun ways to incorporate the iPads into their individual programs. Appletree is always doing some creative, fun and innovative projects with such small children. You guys are really the gold standard and I’m so glad we have our kids at Appletree! ”
– Mrs. Gombis, mother of three year old and second grader
“I can hardly believe this is our last day at Appletree. It seems like only a short while ago that I was taking my first tour of the school. I vividly remember admiring all of the students’ artwork hanging on walls and from the ceiling and thinking, “Wow! This must be quite a magical place!” I quickly realized that it wasn´t magic that made Appletree such a special place; it was in fact, the amazingly kind, loving, and truly dedicated staff that created all of this magic.”
- Parent of an Appletree Kindergartner moving from the Northern Virginia area
“We´ve been wanting to thank you for being so helpful with our daycare needs. You were flexible with our needs and caring to our situation. We have been so happy with Appletree and all that our son is learning. Most of all we love the family feeling we get when we walk through the door. Many, many thanks for all that you do.”
- Appletree Kindergartner Mother and Father
“I am so grateful for the loving and nurturing environment that is fostered at Appletree. My son has grown and thrived in that environment - so I especially thank you for helping him blossom.”
- An Appletree afternoon staff employee
“We feel truly blessed to have found such a wonderful school.”
- Parent of an Appletree Kindergartner
“Appletree looks fantastic all year round! It is homey and comfortable.”
- Parent of an Appletree Preschooler and Academy student
“Thank you for creating a school and environment where our children thrived in both their human and academic development. That is what a true education should be. The atmosphere of calm, order, respect and fun taught them to find those qualities within themselves.”
- Second and Third Grade Appletree parent
“My daughter could not have been at a better place this past year than Appletree – she has so enjoyed herself and has made huge strides in her knowledge and confidence. I am so grateful to Appletree and the wonderful teachers. Everyone is tremendous!"
- Appletree Preschool Mother
“Appletree ROCKS!”
- An Appletree Preschooler
“Thank you so much for giving our child such a wonderful education. A gift that lasts forever. We are truly grateful.”
- An Appletree Preschool Parent
“Thank you for everything you have done for me in the past. I had fun at Appletree for the past 7 years!! I love all my teachers.”
- Graduating Appletree 4th grader
“I always have felt good going off to do my job knowing that there is a guardian angel looking over my children. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful years that my children have had at Appletree. They have really blossomed and the staff has given them the tools to go out into the big world. Everyone has gone the extra miles for us.”
- Parent of an Appletree Preschooler and Academy student
“We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Appletree School teachers and staff for their commitment, dedication to the families, compassion and kindness. Ever since our son joined the Appletree school community he has improved tremendously in his academic and motor skills and has evolved as a person. His English has greatly improved. Our friends and family are impressed by his polite manners at the table and in daily situations.”
- Appletree Preschool Mother and Father
“We are fortunate to have found Appletree and look forward to being a part of it for a long tome to come. Thank you!”
- Parents of an Appletree preschooler
“Thank you for a great summer! My son had a ball! Everything was just perfect.”
- Parent of an Appletree returning summer camper
“Thank you for all that has been done to make my daughter feel comfortable at Appletree. It’s been a great experience for all of us!”
- Appletree Preschool Parent
“My son ate more variety at school than at home. He has informed me on many occasions that Appletree’s food tastes better.”
- Appletree Preschool Parent
“I think the school is an excellent value for the specialized attention my son receives.”
- Appletree Academy Parent

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